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    Blosxom Plugin Registry

    Blosxom is about infinitely extensible via a plugin architecture. Here you'll find oodles of plugins to expand, extend, integrate, and delight. And they're written by Blosxom users just like you!

    Have a Blosxom Plug-in to share with the Blosxom community? Plug it in here!


    • blok - Converts Mac and Windows line-ends to Blosxom-friendly newlines. Now you can use just about anything to generate entry files, and it'll just work ;-)
    • config - override Blosxom's inline configuration settings on a per-directory, per-flavour, and per-directory-per-flavour basis (experimental!); see here for a more detailed explanation
    • crop_path - crop_path shortens the blosxom path variable to the last n parts. This is useful on pages showing multiple categories sorted by path, like this plugin registry.
    • flavourdir - Keep your flavours in a separate flavour directory rather than alongside all of your weblog entries.
    • fullcategory - Fixes a bug [feature ;-)] in blosxom so full category names are required (partial names will no longer work)
    • functions - write arbitrary functions for stories. Easily extended.
    • gzip - compress blosxom output with gzip encoding
    • keywords - This plugin extracts marked keywords form the individual stories and inserts them, sorted by frequency and weight, into the keywords meta-tag.
    • logger - This plugin lets you store cgi variables (user agent, referrer, etc.) in a log text file. You configure which variables to track, as well as column separator character. Bug reports and constructive criticism welcome-- I am a Perl newbie.
    • multiblosxom - Loads up external config files based on the name of the Blosxom script when executed. Useful when combined with symlinks on Unix.
    • pluginfo - makes information about your currently running Blosxom plug-ins available to your flavour templates
    • prefs - An alternative to the config plugin which has the advantage of correctly handling static rendering.
    • publish - Produces the meta tag 'expires' with a value that indicates the numer of seconds to preserve the page. After this time the page must be refreshed and not served from a proxy server cache. Allowing frequently updated pages to show up immediately in the browser without a manual refresh.
    • redirect - This plugin allows you to redirect obsolete url's on your site to the new url (useful for keeping search engines up to date, as well as visitors). Especially handy when you upgrade and remove the "/weblog" or "blosxom.cgi" bit at the beginning of your urls.
    • relative_dir - Allows you to use relative data directory
    • strip_unix_comments - Remove any line beginning with a # character.
    • subflavour - It's a very simple plugin based on Rael's flavourdir plugin. It automatically displays the writeback subflavour for the story chunk on individual stories by default. What this means is that it looks for a file called story.htmlwriteback in flavour_dir to use as the template for the story portion of this page if the current flavour is html and if an individual story has been requested. It also has the added bonus of allowing you to specify any subflavour for any chunk (head, date, foot, etc) based on $blosxom::path_info. For instance, I use it to display different story and date templates for my /links section, similar to the way the plugin registry works. The only difference being that the flavour-proper has not changed, and the reader always sees the same url. Not even a query string. That's what I like about it.
    • test -
    • theme - Build themes or use those built by others for your Blosxom-powered weblog.
    • twikirender - Uses a local TWiki installation to render blog entries.
    • update - easily add updates to past posts without having to modify the post
    • urltranslate - Translates URLs with a look-up table, and can add the client port number to specified URL's for virtual hosts accessed through tunnels or redirects.
    • uselib - Tells Perl to look for modules in $blosxom::plugin_dir/lib.
    • vhost - Enable different vhosts to have different a datadir in order to allow multiple weblogs without having ugly urls.
    • wordcount - After subtracting plaintext from your stories, counts the number of words in the plain text that's left. The wordcount is then available to you in $wordcount::wordcount. This plugin relies on the plain_text plugin for plain-text extraction.