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    Blosxom Plugin Registry

    Blosxom is about infinitely extensible via a plugin architecture. Here you'll find oodles of plugins to expand, extend, integrate, and delight. And they're written by Blosxom users just like you!

    Have a Blosxom Plug-in to share with the Blosxom community? Plug it in here!


    • autoimg - Converts simple text tags to HTML hrefs and img tags.
    • gallery - Another gallery plugin that generates a nice gallery page using a custom flavour.
    • galleryref - insert image tags for gallery galleries
    • iconset - Allows you to override the icon chose by the icon plugin on a per-story basis, though it can also be used on it's own.
    • imagegallery - ImageGallery allows you to easily add a group of images and thumbnails to your blosxom site. You create your story, a folder of images, folder of thumbnails, and an optional folder of comments, and the plugin does the rest.
    • imagesizer - adds width and height tags to your story images
    • meta_image - Takes a "meta-imgurl" and "meta-imgalt" tag from a post entry, and generates the html, suitable for displaying said picture with a story.
    • randomimage - Utilizes Gallery system and pulls random images from it, and links to Gallery's albums, etc.