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    Blosxom Plugin Registry

    Blosxom is about infinitely extensible via a plugin architecture. Here you'll find oodles of plugins to expand, extend, integrate, and delight. And they're written by Blosxom users just like you!

    Have a Blosxom Plug-in to share with the Blosxom community? Plug it in here!


    • entries_cache - A variation on entries_index, this plugin caches your story index to speed up processing on blosxom sites with a large # of stories. Also caches file modification times, just like entries_index
    • entries_index - preserves original creation timestamp on weblog entries, allowing for editing of entries without altering the original creation time
    • entries_index_tagged - This is a hack of Rael's entries_index plugin which forces story dates to a value found within the files themselves (in a meta-tag), if found. Otherwise it just falls back to the default behavior for the original plugin. This is useful if you upload your stories to a remote webserver via FTP.
    • mtime_cache_filter - This is a reimplementation of index_entries that uses the 'filter' hook instead of 'entries', so it will play nicely with search plugins or other plugins that override 'entries'.