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    Blosxom Plugin Registry

    Blosxom is about infinitely extensible via a plugin architecture. Here you'll find oodles of plugins to expand, extend, integrate, and delight. And they're written by Blosxom users just like you!

    Have a Blosxom Plug-in to share with the Blosxom community? Plug it in here!


    • atomfeed - Provides an Atom feed of your weblog. The plugin has all you need right on-board, including flavour template components. Simply point your browser at http://yoururl/index.atom.
    • esf - produce a ESF (a plain-text syndication format) feed for syndication
    • klip - takes a blosxom flavour file and turns it into a klip file for KlipFolio, a sort-of news aggregator
    • lastbuilddate - lastbuilddate adds a <lastBuildDate> value to blosxom's built in rss 0.91 feed.
    • necho-flavour - This zip file contains a set of Blosxom flavour files that implement a syndicated feed in the new syndication format that is currently called Echo but that will eventually called something else. The spec is prerelease, so this implementation should be regarded as a proof-of-concept rather than as a finished product.
    • rss10 - provides the extra bit of programming needed to produce a valid RSS 1.0 feed for syndication
    • rss30 - hack of rss10 to output RSS 3.0. uses flavour files.
    • syndicated - Displays content syndicated via RSS.