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    Welcome to the Blosxom documentation for developers.

    If you were looking for documentation on installing, configuring, and using Blosxom, you've taken a wrong turn and should click here immediately to avoid overly-technical developer information ;-)

    Here, you'll find (hopefully readable, useful, and even enjoyable) documentation on developing with and for Blosxom. While the lion's share of Blosxom development is done by its owner and trainer, Rael Dornfest, there's much you can do to participate.

    First and foremost, join the mailing list and lend a helping hand to Blosxom users new and old. We have a wonderful, friendly, and helpful community around Blosxom; those once utterly uninitiated are now old hands, answering questions and making suggestions to those who are running into the same problems they initially did.

    Second, please do point out any bugs you find or suggestions you have for Blosxom itself or any of the growing number of plug-ins contributed by Blosxom users. You should post these to the mailing list (with an appropriate subject so as to tickle the appropriate developer).

    Last, but certainly not least, you can contribute to the extension, expansion, and integration of Blosxom through its plug-in architecture. If you know your way around Perl with some measure of comfort, you can write a Blosxom plug-in. Plug-ins are simply Perl scripts that sit in a Blosxom-accessible plugins directory and define specific subroutines or functions that are called at particular points in Blosxom's execution. You'll find complete plug-in documentation for developers here.