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    So you've decided to give Blosxom a whirl! I think you'll love it about as much as I do.


    Please choose a version of Blosxom most applicable to your circumstances.

    • Mac OS X
      The shareware Blosxom for Mac OS X installer, version 2.0 [.pkg.tar.gz] is the simplest way to get Blosxom on your laptop, desktop, or closet Mac without any of the muss or fuss of installing it by hand. A couple-three clicks of the mouse and it'll skip lightly through the nitty-gritties, installing Blosxom itself, some sample flavours, documentation, and some useful plug-ins. If you're used to nicely packaged applications and prefer to be spared the gory details, this is a treat, I tell you!

      Perhaps, though, you're a do-it-yourself'er and would prefer to delve into the basics of how Blosxom works. Download the "Everyone" version and follow the by hand instructions.
    • Windows 2000/XP
      A Blosxom for Windows 2000/XP installer is in the works. Check in every so often with Blosxom news and, of course, the Blosxom mailing list. In the meantime, please use the "Everyone" version.
    • Everyone
      Blosxom, version 2.0 [ZIP] is simply a CGI script to be dropped into place and configured ever so slightly. Once you've grabbed yourself a copy, head on over to the installation instructions.

    click here to install Blosxom...


    Blosxom's flavour templates allow you to completely customize the look-and-feel of your Blosxom blog. You'll find detailed flavouring instructions online.

    • To get your started, the Blosxom Flavour Sampler [ZIP] is a collection of sample Blosxom flavours to poke, prod, and borrow from. Unzip the sampler and drag all the flavour files into your Blosxom data directory.


    There are oodles of third-party plug-ins to expand, extend, integrate, and delight. You'll find them all in the Blosxom Plug-In Registry.