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    Install Blosxom on your Mac

    There are two primary ways of installing Blosxom under Mac OS X:
    • The Blosxom for Mac OS X installer will install Blosxom for you, skipping lightly through the nitty-gritties with just a couple-three clicks of the mouse. It'll also install some sample flavour templates, documentation, and--niftiest of all--favourite useful plug-ins. If you're used to nicely packaged applications and prefer to be spared the gory details, this is a treat, I tell you!

      click here to download the installer...

    • Perhaps, though, you're a do-it-yourself'er and would prefer to delve into the basics of how Blosxom works. You'll download the CGI script, drop it into place, create the appropriate directories, and tweak and twiddle the configuration.

      click here to install blosxom by hand...

    If you're ever-so-slightly interested in just what the installer does, click here.