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    Why is Blosxom only showing me the default header and footer, not my weblog posts? answer:

    The most probable answer is that you've set your $datadir in blosxom.cgi to the wrong directory (that's folder for Mac users). This most often occurs when you're Blosxom on an ISP or Web hosting company's machine and either you've heard or they've spoken the wrong thing when asked where you should consider your "home directory" to be.

    So while you may log in via FTP or on the command-line and appear to be in


    or the like, this may not be the fully-qualified path to where you are. So if you create a blosxom directory and set $datadir to /home/username/blosxom, while Blosxom will produce a page containing the default "Blosxom" header and and "powered by Blosxom" footer image, it won't be finding your weblog postings.

    To figure out where you actually are, log in to the server using telnet or ssh or FTP and, on the command-line, type:


    (Those <return>s signify hitting the return key on your keyboard.)

    This command should echo back your current location by which you can gain your bearings and figure out what $datadir should be. On one of my servers, I live at /home/rael; on another (Mac OS X), I'm at /Users/rael; at a previous ISP, my home, while ostensibly /home/rael, was /home/users/r/rael or something to that effect.

    So, if pwd reports you're at /home/users/username and you've created your blosxom directory/folder in your home directory, $datadir should be set like so:

     my $datadir = "/home/users/username/blosxom";

    Author: Rael Dornfest
    Category: /faq/general
    Date: 2003-07-27