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    Why do I get the date or other meta data in my post title?

    This is a common problem when people first start using the meta plugin with Blosxom or use the entriescache plugin and stamp files with the date.

    The problem is confusion about where to put the meta data lines and arises because Blosxom uses the text file of your post to define two things - the title of the post which is always the first line and the rest of the file which becomes the body of the story. Meta data should be part of the story, therefore it should be in the second and subsequent lines after the title in the first line.

    Here is an example file:

    I Am The Title
    meta-date: 23/04/2003
    This is the body of my post.

    Author: Tony Williams
    Category: /faq/plugins
    Date: 2003-09-15