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    I've upgraded from an earlier version (0+4i or earlier) of Blosxom; what's happened to my outgoing RSS feed?

    With the introduction of paths for categorization and sharing, the URL for retrieving your RSS feed has changed from blosxom.cgi/xml to blosxom.cgi?flav=rss . Otherwise you could never have had a /xml path in your hierarchy -- no great loss for many, I must admit ;-).

    I've heard from a couple of early testers that this presents a problem for them since they've published their the URL for their RSS feed far and wide, leaving their readers without news of their weblog since the upgrade.

    Here's the fix: uncomment (remove the beginning #) from the following line in blosxom.cgi:

    #path_info() =~ m!/xml/?$! and $flavour = 'rss';

    Making it:

    path_info() =~ m!/xml/?$! and $flavour = 'rss';

    Author: Rael Dornfest
    Category: /faq/upgrade
    Date: 2003-07-27