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    How do I discover the correect value for $datadir on my hosted site?

    The easiest way to discover the correct value for $datadir is to telnet or ssh to your web host and use the method detailed in Why is Blosxom only showing me the default header and footer, not my weblog posts?

    If you cannot login to your provider and just do a ‘pwd’ while in the blosxom directory then it is a little harder to discover the correct directory.

    If your provider has php set up properly then a small file called 'test.php' with the contents :-


    Called as should give you a bunch of information including the 'DocumentRoot' for your webserver and this will give you the answer.

    If you don't have PHP but you do have the CGI perl module available then this script will print your document root. Save it as '' in your cgi directory and point your browser at

    use CGI qw/:standard :netscape/;
    print header();
    print "<BODY>Document Root = $ENV{DOCUMENT_ROOT}</BODY>\n";

    Once you know the web servers DocumentRoot then just add '/blosxom' (or whatever path you've chosen for your Blosxom posts) to the end and that is the correct value for your $datadir

    Author: Tony Williams
    Category: /faq/install
    Date: 2003-07-27