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    Blosxom Plugin Registry

    Blosxom is about infinitely extensible via a plugin architecture. Here you'll find oodles of plugins to expand, extend, integrate, and delight. And they're written by Blosxom users just like you!

    Have a Blosxom Plug-in to share with the Blosxom community? Plug it in here!


    • bloglikeapirate - Turns your posts into pirate-speak (Aar!) Can also be used from the command line.
    • scrmable - A plugin adaptation of Jamie Zawinski's scrmable script to scrmable all but the first and last letters in a word. Tests the assertion that, so long as the first and last letters of a word are in place, legibility isn't affected by scrambling all the other letters.
    • wordscramble - Scrambles the words in your Blosxom blog. This is a stupid trick, but you might like it as an example of using Inline::Python inside a Blosxom plugin. Includes a deferred-til-runtime binding to lower low overhead.